We make films for the web.
It's a way to say hi and alot more.

We develop concepts for films or series of films that together will strengthen your brand. What does your company sound like? What's the core of your product and how can we tell your story?

We are a small and all in-house production company. Sometimes you need to be big, so we have contacts. We film, produce music, we do motion graphics, sound fx, voice overs, we animate and edit. From idea to post production. You'll have your film on the web and a poster on your wall.

· Composed "tailor made" Music
· Audio-Post Production for all media
· Sound Design & Sound FX
· Voice Over Recording
· Mix & Master engineering
· DSLR Filming
· Editing
· Motion Graphics
This January Uber celebrated their 1 year anniversary in Sweden. We went out to meet some of their drivers as well as some Uber lovers. Winter in Stockholm can be cold and harsh but not inside these cars!

George Hagstrand
+46 0735 30 15 60
george(at) futuremuseum.se
Martin Ståhlberg
+46 0725 36 37 20
martin(at) futuremuseum.se
Anna Bergkvist
Photographer / Filmer
Andreas Nilsson
Animator / Illustrator
Fredrika Dirtoft
Admin / Creative
Oscar Pastarus
Graphic Design